Spring Reset: Restore

14 Days of Moving With Love

Do you need a little bit o extra love and encouragement? That's where the Spring Reset comes in. The Spring Reset helps you build supportive habits and nourishing practices. Spend 14 days cultivating a habit of prioritizing "little acts of love" for yourself each day.

Your Program Includes:

+ More Classes!

Your Restore program also includes:

- 8 gentle and relaxing yoga classes 

- A daily schedule

- A 4x per week class schedule with daily restful inspirations and suggestions.

- Lifetime access

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*Heart + Bones online studio members have the Spring Reset included in their membership. If you're not a member and want the program for free and access to over 350 classes, Join the membership here. 

Spring Reset: Restore

still on the fence? read what our community is saying about the spring reset

Ooh I love this one!! Really calmed my nervous system when I was feeling a bit frazzled. Will be doing this when I get home from a long day at work to decompress. Thank you

- Monica

I feel so much better after this 30 minutes of focusing on letting go. I needed this so badly after a bad night sleep, tense body and mind and family chaos around me. Just took 30 minutes and wow. I feel myself again and so much better. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this lovely lesson!


This was my first Heart + Bones class and I loved it! (I did it first thing in the morning-still in my pj's!) I loved your analogies, they really helped me feel into what you were teaching. I woke up with a little kink in my lower back and it is gone now!


The first time I did this class my hips were screaming before and completely released after. This will be a regular session for me.


This felt so great - I feel the energy flowing all through my spine now.


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