Upcoming Live Classes

We love to gather our global community for our regular live classes. Every other month we start a new theme at Heart + Bones, and our teachers find creative new ways to help you explore your body through movement. 

Here are some of the live classes coming up in the studio, will you be joining us?

Feb 15: Yoga with bells, weights (no whistles) with Leonie Taylor

Feb 25: Inviting ease with Atifa Ismailmiya-Balding

Mar 3: Mindfulness: ease, calm and tranquility with Kat Boehm

Mar 15: Upper Back Slow Flow with a Taoist Story with Lydia Zamorano

Apr 2: Neck, Shoulder and Jaw Unwind - Somatics and Yin with Lydia Zamorano

Apr 16: Unjam your jaw with Leonie Taylor

Apr 28: Inviting better sleep with Atifa Ismailmiya-Balding

May 22: Just this breath: mindfulness of breathing with Kat Boehm

May 28: Free up your breath with Leonie Taylor

June 12: Take the tiger: sweet psoas relief with Kat Boehm

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