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The Modern Yoga Certification Course:
Move with Love, Lead with Passion

At first, I was a little insecure about the online portion because I prefer a training where you are in the same room with everybody. But it was just like that!! And in my living room!! :) The online course was perfect, a great combination of knowledge, fun and inspiration; and the live calls were like having your group of friends at home with a cup of tea talking with passion about the things you love, learning so much from each other. If you have any doubts about taking this course, forget them and do it. Brea and Kat are the most honest and generous teachers that can guide you and walk with you, side by side, through this path.’

Ana, Spain

There is a growing demand for yoga teachers with a strong blend of body knowledge, integrity and skill. Teachers who teach mobility over flexibility and large ranges of movement. Classes that move beyond repetitive poses and offer intelligent sequences for a wide range of people. Teachers who are committed to keeping yoga a living tradition, one that is relevant to our modern life while honouring the heart of the yoga teachings.

Think Different. 

One of the only yoga teacher certifications out there that goes beyond the average 200 hour Yoga Alliance training model. An innovative and in-depth training that focuses on the integration of modern movement education to enhance and support the time-honoured practice of yoga. 

This training isn't about creating more yoga teachers, it's about building yoga leaders. Yoga leaders are those who are willing to move beyond the status quo, - they are just as excited to learn the intricacies of the body as they are the habits of the mind and heart. They are willing to be bold and be a part of this progressive path of yoga. 

Teach Different.

We know that refined movement is fundamental to developing intelligence, confidence and precision on and off the mat. Learning to integrate the building blocks of movement into your daily life will develop a habit of careful attention, allowing these patterns to be rooted in who you are. That kind of embodied knowledge is transmitted profoundly to your students.

While there is an emphasis on skillful movement education, mindfulness and meditation will be integrated along the way to maintain the roots of yoga and to nourish a heart space of curiosity and ease. We will be disrupting deeply ingrained habits during this program, and we aspire to support you with compassion and understanding as we progress through the training.      

*Our current training is full. The next round of certification starts on October 1, 2021. To get on the waitlist for the next cohort, email

This training is for you if:

You want to know how to support the time-honoured teachings of yoga, while integrating modern movement education.

You feel conflicted about what you've been taught about anatomy and yoga asana. You want understand the 'why' behind the cues, so that you can adapt the practice to make it more accessible and sustainable.

You feel lost in the implementation of all the various theories that sound great, but are difficult to put into real life classes. Sequencing and adapting poses to different bodies are some of the things you struggle with.

You are afraid to teach a progressive form of yoga, and you need the confidence to blaze your own teaching path. 

You are curious about finding your niche as a yoga teacher, and developing and growing a sustainable yoga practice. Maybe you feel overwhelmed when it comes to business and marketing.

You are looking for a community of like-minded people that you can grow, connect and learn with.

Thank you Kat and Brea for opening my eyes to a beautiful new way to look at yoga and movement. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the training, and I LOVE how good my body feels after practicing in this approach. After completing the certification, my aspirations as a yoga teacher have been humbled in the best way possible. I feel that I have a whole new awareness as I navigate my body during practice and everyday movement, and I really look forward to sharing this knowledge with my students. It has been amazing to witness how you both teach and hold space for students. It’s hard to put into words, but you two are truly gifted and incredible at what you do and give to the world. Your teachings, courses, and trainings will benefit so many people in all the right ways!

Melissa, Canada

Ready to join us?

Move With Love. Lead With Passion

I would recommend this teacher training to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of functional anatomy, and the way it's applied to yoga. The training is focused on a scientific approach to movement & mindfulness, and seamlessly integrates the two - which definitely makes this course stand out from all other available options. I loved the mix of online content and live calls. It gave me time to work through everything at my own pace, and I got the chance to process and integrate the knowledge through the live calls.

Nicoletta, UK

How it works

This certification program is designed to utilize the modern world of technology for accessibility through online education - which we do without sacrificing community connection.  

Recognizing that we have people from all over the world who want to be certified in this approach - and also knowing that it can be hard to balance life, work, and family with training - we've come up with a way to make online learning work for you.

We believe in quality over quantity. The material in the course is streamlined and designed to create a strong foundation of understanding movement, mindfulness, and yoga. 

By focusing on moving theory into practice, you will build the confidence to be able to teach any style of yoga - and more importantly, to adapt the practice to support to a wide variety of individuals. 

This training is recommended for those who are already familiar with yoga, and those who are already teachers. If you don't have a certification but have previously studied different movement modalities (or are a body nerd that has been waiting for this type of training), we are happy to have you join us!

  • If you are a new teacher - but familiar with the sustainable approach to yoga - you will receive a 200-hour level certification at the end of the course.
  • For teachers who already have a 200-hour certification, you will receive a 300-hour certification at the end of the course.
  • The entire course is downloadable and yours to keep forever. 
  • Online format means you can watch and re-watch any of the content as often as you like.
  • Don't have to be on the computer all of the time- downloading some of the lessons means you can listen to them on walks or in the car.
  • You receive a free year membership to the Heart + Bones online yoga studio to support and integrate the coursework. (And get some great sequence ideas for your classes!)

New for 2020/21

The certification course is normally a combination of online learning with a live, 5-day immersion in various locations around the world. Due to COVID and the uncertainty around travel, this year's training will be 100% online. It's an exciting change that allows broader accessibility and enables you to attend from wherever you are in the world. We will still be providing our high quality, personal education experience that we are known for. 

thestudio (170 of 177)_websize.jpg

New guest teachers and a bonus "Teaching Yoga Online" course

Now that more people are moving their teaching online, we are adding in new content for you to feel more clear and confident in the technical side of things. We want to prepare you for success in teaching online and building a sustainable business during these changing times. 

We also have two new guest teachers to add to the faculty this year! Kallie Schut who will be sharing the history and philosophy of yoga, updated around topics of cultural appropriation and teaching yoga in the modern world. And Mitzi Piston Wilson will teach accessibility, leadership and social justice in the yoga context. Read about our wonderful new teachers at the bottom of the page.

Live Calls

The live calls are the best part of the course (in our opinion!). Our graduates of the training often say how much they love the live calls, and even when watching the replay, they feel like they are right there connected with the group. 

  • We'll be offering two live calls per month with Brea and Kat for more in-depth exploration.
  • Each live call is 1.5 hours 
  • Rotating schedule of days and times to accommodate various time zones and different schedules.
  • Calls are recorded for your convenience and the replays are accessible anytime
  • Community engagement through Zoom rooms, interactive projects and discussions.
  • Q+A sessions to clarify and enhance your understanding of the coursework.
  • One per month mentorship sessions with small groups in your timezone, led by a dedicated Heart + Bones trained mentor.

Every time I do a lesson, a class in the online studio, or participate in a live call, I find myself thinking about how glad I am that I signed up for this course. Like, every time. The live calls especially - the theme is always so perfect and it's incredible how it's always something I need to hear at that moment. I feel this course is shifting things in my life for the better, especially the stories that I tell myself that are no longer serving me. Thank you for this beautifully designed course and for creating an online studio that has become one of the things on my list that nourishes me!

Courtney, USA

Online Education/ Course Outline

The bulk of the online training is The Modern Yogi Teacher Development course (read about it here). Click on the link to get a detailed overview of what you'll receive as part of the program.

It is a comprehensive course that focuses on bringing theory to practice. It gives you the foundation of understanding about human movement and how to apply that successfully to a yoga practice. 

As part of the certification process, you get a free year of membership to the online studio! This allows you to further anchor the information from the course into your own body, and to see the theory put into practice through a variety of sequences and different cues. (Read more about the online studio here)  

As a Modern Yoga Teacher Training alumni, you have an open invite to join subsequent cohorts of the course to continuously refine and refresh your knowledge. You also get free access to future course updates and expansions. Supporting our Heart + Bones teachers' community is very important to us, both during and after the training. We love and value our wonderful teachers from around the world!

There are about 60+ hours of video content within the course. Some people have finished it within a couple of months, and others take their time over the course of the training. We suggest spending about 3 hours per week on the coursework, which can consist of watching the video lessons, reading the modules, and/or doing the online studio classes to integrate your learning.

Each video lesson is no longer than 30 minutes - the content is presented in simple terms, is easily digestible, and is recorded in a way that facilitates all types of learners.

I chose the Heart + Bones teacher training because it combines movement science with a sense of playfulness. It's great to see yoga poses updated with the latest movement education, and I really enjoy the emphasis on mindfulness and meditation. The training was really comprehensive and the online format meant it was flexible enough to fit around my other commitments. And the support throughout the course was great! We got to know Brea and Kat, and we got to build a sense of community with our fellow students on the regular live calls and in the private Facebook group. I feel confident after this training, that my students are going to love my new sustainable yoga classes as much as I do. Move With Love - Taught With Love and quite a lot of laughter, thank-you Brea and Kat!

Debby, UK

Here are some things you can look forward to:

                       Want to see inside the course? Watch this clip from one of the lessons.

Words of love from our graduates

Nada Besir, Singapore

Brea & Kat cultivated a truly loving and safe space for the most perfect learning exchange and personal development. With all our diverse backgrounds this environment enabled connection on so many levels for which I will be forever grateful for. 

The online portion of the program is carefully constructed and leaves no stone unturned from anatomy and alignment to solid marketing advice on how to find your niche and the work you want to do. Whilst the live training brings everything together with daily mindfulness and meditation to embodied anatomy, sequencing and sustainabilizing yoga poses. Thank you Brea and Kat!

Trevor Chisman, Scotland

I’m not sure I can put into words how inspiring and helpful this course has been for me, it’s been so much more than yoga, meditation and science. It’s really started me on a journey of discovering myself. 

The Heart + Bones YTT course has the perfect mix of science and geekiness whilst not forgetting we’re applying that science to conscious, breathing, feeling, loving and beautiful human beings.

Brea and Kat share so much fun, love and knowledge. I loved every single minute.

Monique Fryer, England

I really appreciate how much care and details Brea and Kat have put into the whole course. The five-day immersion was intense and amazing for me, all the questions I had in the online portion of the course were answered throughout the 5 days.

I love that there was permission and space given to ask questions and not be afraid of making mistakes and there was a real feeling of tenderness and support that felt even the quietest people were not left behind.

A teacher friend was asking me about the training and she asked me, was there anything you didn’t like? I really had to think, there must be something.... But no, I couldn’t think of anything!!!

*We get so much love from our graduates that we've had to create a whole new page to fit it all in!*

Click here to read the love and get inspired, and see how the training changes lives and inspires their teaching.

Dates & Prices

*Our current training is full. The next round of certification starts on October 1, 2021. To get on the waitlist for the next cohort, email

The course runs from October 1, 2021 - April 30, 2022

Investment: $2500 CAD. (*If you are in the USA, UK or Europe, the currency conversion saves you money. USD: $1900, GBP: £1450, EUR: 1600)

The live calls start in October and run 2x per month until April. All calls will be recorded and available if you can't make them live.

As you wait for the next round of training to open up, you can get a head start on some of the course work by joining one of our other two courses, The Modern Yoga Teacher Development course or Modern Yoga Essentials course. These are courses that are a part of the certification. If you do either of them prior to joining the certification, we prorate the cost of these courses with the certification.

Want to meet more of our graduates? This could be you on the list! Click here

I am so glad I took the courageous decision to sign up despite challenges in my life. It was led with so much love, encouragement and wisdom that I felt truly empowered and rekindled with why I decided to become a yoga teacher in the first place. This training has been an ideal model for me as it gave me flexibility in my busy life as a mum of a spirited toddler. I felt like I was learning at home with deeply attuned private tutors and part of a diverse, interesting and open group of people. What has touched me most was a sense of shared values based on creating a community where everyone is seen, acknowledged, valued and can thrive with the intention to make (yoga) movement sustainable and accessible for a wider population. A great example for how we can lead and build community wherever we are based.

Martina, Germany

What is the investment?

Are there payment plans?

The investment in the certification $2500 CAD

Accessibility is important to us, so we've priced the training as best as we can for you. The average 200-hour training in North America is around $3500. 

**The course is in Canadian dollars, which means you save money with the exchange rate. For example, the course is around $1700 USD, £1300, and 1500 EUROS. Make sure you check a currency converter to find the price of the training in your currency.

Payment plan options (for 4, 6 or 8-months) are available only if you truly need this option.  Email: to set up your payment plan.

If you have already bought the Modern Yogi course and want to do the certification, we will count your tuition paid towards the course - so the price of the upgrade is $1500. Please email to set up your payment. You can also do a payment plan, so please indicate your preference when emailing. 

If you don't want to do the certification but still want to join the Modern Yoga Teacher Development course, you can join at any time. Anyone who has completed the Modern Yoga online course is eligible for the certification process whenever the next cohort begins.  

Are you ready to join us?

Move With Love. Lead With Passion

Thank you so much for your positivity and encouragement throughout the course. I have found this openness and acceptance of not finishing the course in a tight traditional way to be very liberating for my learning and growth as a yoga teacher but also a human being!

Aylssa, Canada

More questions?

Meet your teachers

Brea Johnson and Kat Boehm are both senior yoga teachers who each have 17+ years of teaching classes and yoga teacher trainings under their belt. They also have diverse backgrounds - not just in yoga but pilates, mindfulness meditation, and other movement modalities. 

Brea and Kat

Read more about Brea Johnson

Read more about Kat Boehm

Read more about Mitzi Piston Wilson

Read more about Kallie Schut

Cancellation Policy:

Registration in this certification program means you are making a commitment to your learning, your practice and the process. There is a strict no refund policy to ensure that everyone participates and is fully committed and present in the educational experience.