Leaning into Discomfort: Embracing Grief and Supporting Sleep with Dr. Mekel Harris

*Scroll down to listen to the podcast Did you know that one in two people develop sleep problems or insomnia after experiencing a loss? Dr. Mekel Harris (she/her), a licensed psychologist specializing in grief and loss, joins Brea Johnson to explore the effects of grief on sleep and the nervous system. 

Dr. Harris discusses the importance of normalizing sleep disruptions associated with grief and offers practical strategies to support the nervous system through gentle movement, somatic practices, and grounding exercises. She advocates for intentionally scheduling time to grieve and discusses the lifelong nature of grief, providing listeners with tools to manage their experiences constructively and compassionately.

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About Dr. Mekel Harris

Dr. Mekel Harris, Ph.D., NCSP, PMH-C, is a renowned psychologist and grief specialist who has dedicated her career to helping individuals navigate the complexities of loss. After the profound impact of her mother's passing, Dr. Harris redirected her focus to specialize in grief and loss, aiming to provide the support she once needed herself. She combines talk therapy with somatic practices in a compassionate approach, enhancing her clients' healing journeys. Instagram



00:00 Introduction and Background

01:55 The Impact of Grief on Sleep

05:58 Supporting the Nervous System with Gentle Movement and Somatic Practices

09:09 Scheduling Time for Grief and Creating Routine

11:58 Leaning into Discomfort: Embracing Grief as a Lifelong Process

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