[Video] The Best Stretch for Tight Hips

There are so many different stretches that we can do for tight hips. And tight hips are common for so many people that it can feel overwhelming to know which stretches are the best ones to do!

When we have tight hips, the go-to stretch tends to be a lunge. And while lunges are a great hip stretch, this one stretch up levels your traditional lunge into just what you need for reducing hip tension.

It's an amazing stretch and the perfect multitasker as it not only stretches your hip flexors but it also gets into all the nooks and crannies around your hip joints. You'll feel chronic hip tension go away as you build strength, mobility and improve your range of motion in your hips. What's not to love with this variation on a lunge? And stay tuned bonus stretch for your arms and chest at the end!

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