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Online Course: What the Psoas?

The psoas and core.

2 movement buzz words often mired in myth, misunderstanding and general confusion.

As teachers, we often know these body parts are important but then lack the ability to explain why or how.

Their relationship forms a deep core integration. So many of our clients have a deep core deficit and are spot treating that deficit with mobility, stretching, and active exercises.

But that work is a moot point unless we are addressing the deficit—often the underlying culprit behind tension, restriction and tightness patterns down the chain.

“Stretch the psoas” and “engage the core” are mainstays in many fitness routines but they are limiting.

Neither actually create a fluid, integrated, supple and strong psoas and core.

But there’s a different way to work with the psoas and core thatgoes way beyond stretch and engage.

Introducing: What the Psoas?

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