Strong + Supple Shoulders

Jan, 20, 2019: 14:00 p.m. - Jan, 20, 2019: 16:00 p.m.

Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

January 20, 2019

Douglas Yoga Centre

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Does the thought of swinging on monkey bars or lifting something heavy over your head make your shoulders cringe? Do you hear clicking in your shoulders when they move? Lifestyle factors such as hunching over keyboards, driving in cars, along with stress can decrease your range of motion and can add to shoulder instability. Tight shoulders will restrict breathing and compromise posture.

Using a variety of techniques and specific postures, we will unwind tension from the neck, shoulders, down the arms to the wrists and hands. You will discover ways to stabilize your shoulder girdle so that you can find more strength and mobility in your chaturangas and downward dogs. Walk away with shoulders and arms that can hug, swing, move effortlessly and pain-free.