Spring Reset

14 Days of Moving With Love

Do you need a little bit of extra love and encouragement? That's where the Spring Reset comes in. The Spring Reset helps you build supportive habits and nourishing practices. Spend 14 days cultivating a habit of prioritizing "little acts of love" for yourself each day.

Spring Reset, 3 Different Ways

 Choose which Spring Reset works best for you! 

For the love of moving

Yoga classes to relieve tight hips and shoulders. Energizing and easygoing yoga classes focused on mobility, strength, stability and flexibility for your whole body.

When you need to slow down

Reset your nervous system and take the time to enjoy gentle, relaxing and supportive yoga classes and guided meditations.

Yoga that is right for you

Enjoy yoga classes that are supportive of all bodies. Knee and lower back-friendly classes, inclusive approaches for all abilites. 

Each Spring Reset Program includes:

- 8 yoga and mindful movement classes tailored to the specific Spring Reset you purchase.

- Classes ranging from 15- 45 minutes to make it easy to incorporate into your day.

- Each class focuses on a mobility-focused approach to yoga to support healthy joints and muscles.

- Lifetime access, so you can repeat the Spring Reset as many times as you like.

- Two guided schedules to choose from.

- More ease, calm and connection.

Some of the classes you'll enjoy in the Spring Reset

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Spring Reset: Move

I'm ready to move with love!

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Spring Reset: Restore

I'm ready to Restore!

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Spring Reset: All Abilities

I'm ready to be supported and move! 

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