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When yoga meets science, magic happens. Tips, tutorials and articles to understand how your body is designed to move and explore ways to integrate it into your yoga practice- no matter what style of yoga you practice.

Your New Favourite Shoulder Stretch

How can one simple stretch get into so many tight spots?

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Stretches in the Kitchen!

Yoga can be done anywhere. The more we fit in simple stretches throughout the day, the better we feel.

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Thoracic Spine Mobility Class

Enjoy a mini class for your thoracic spine, chest and shoulders.

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Prevent Aches and Pains While Gardening

Simple tips for you to keep your body great, while doing what you love!

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Take a listen to recent interviews with Brea Johnson on a variety of podcasts.

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Lower Back Stretches

Enjoy simple tools that you can use in your everyday life, as well in a yoga practice to keep your lower back feeling healthy and strong.

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Yoga For Beginners

If you've been thinking about trying yoga, you've come to the right place!

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Downward Dog Tips + Tricks

"We need to stop thinking of downward dog as a hamstring stretcher, and more of an opportunity to strengthen." This week's movement tip, offers you some simple ideas to make ...

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Intention + Community

"But why are trees such social creatures? Why do they share food with their own species and even their competitors? The reasons are the same as for human communities: They ...

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