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When yoga meets science, magic happens. Tips, tutorials and articles to understand how your body is designed to move and explore ways to integrate it into your yoga practice- no matter what style of yoga you practice.

Pain-free pigeon pose (video)

Pigeon pose is one of those yoga poses that some people absolutely love and for others, find it hard on their knees , hips or SI joints. Whether you love ...

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Build functional strength in your arms (video)

Build functional strength in your arms. Functional strength means we are able to move our body in all sorts of different ways and to do all sorts of different daily ...

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Yoga class for tight hips (video)

This lovely practice is all about getting some movement into your spine, core and hips.

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What is a sustainable yoga practice?

It is so exciting to see more and more people embracing an evolved approach to yoga asana. You don't have to completely change the way you practice, but sometimes it ...

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Love love love and to be of service

Years ago, I did a brief stint in film school. One of the projects was a short documentary. My subject was a personal one, I was on a search for ...

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Building a Sustainable Body

Sustainability and permaculture are two words that (rightly so) we are hearing a lot more of in the mainstream. We usually hear these words in regards to the ways in ...

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A pain in the neck

Many of our physical aches and pains are a result of the habitual ways we move. What is your head doing right now as you read this? Are you sitting ...

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Your Supple Psoas

Your psoas (pronounced so-az) is a fascinating muscle. In fact there are two of them! One emerging from each side of your lumbar spine and running down the front of ...

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Dispatches From the Lab

Sitting on the plane, casually chatting with the person beside me, the inevitable question arises, "So what will you be doing in Phoenix?" I take a moment to decide if ...

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Sustainable Yoga Series: Warrior One

Over the years as my education and explorations with biomechanics deepens, there have been some poses that I no longer practice or teach, and others that I happily practice almost ...

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