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When yoga meets science, magic happens. Tips, tutorials and articles to understand how your body is designed to move and explore ways to integrate it into your yoga practice- no matter what style of yoga you practice.

Yoga class for tight hips (video)

This lovely practice is all about getting some movement into your spine, core and hips.

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Upper Back Mobility (video)

Our body craves movement and there are places in the body that you likely move often and well, while there are other places that don't get a lot of movement- ...

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Strong + Stable Lunge (video)

There is something that many people do in an asana practice without realizing they do it... hang out in their joints. I see it all of the time and was ...

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Strong Body, Strong Planet

There are so many different ways to be mindful- the way you move, the foods you eat and how you take care of nature (and people!) around you.

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Put your backside into your backbends (video)

From my experience, it is really common for people to struggle with waking up their glutes and refine some of their familiar asanas to incorporate more butt and posterior leg ...

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A pain in the neck

Many of our physical aches and pains are a result of the habitual ways we move. What is your head doing right now as you read this? Are you sitting ...

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Dispatches From the Lab

Sitting on the plane, casually chatting with the person beside me, the inevitable question arises, "So what will you be doing in Phoenix?" I take a moment to decide if ...

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Sitting With Ease

You might have heard that "sitting is the new smoking." Sure, yes, sitting all day long at work, then sitting in your car, sitting at the table for dinner and ...

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Movement Monday! When in doubt, stick your butt out

Are you a pelvis tucker? A tucked pelvis seems to be an epidemic these days. Next time you are in a public place, I encourage you to look around (no ...

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Sustainable Yoga Series: Sun Salutation

Sun Salutations are ubiquitous in yoga. Usually found at the beginning of a practice, they are traditionally done as a warming-up, flow type movement. No matter what version of a ...

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